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by Iron Henry

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Grenold Coffee Honest, portable, intimate, heartfelt, without guile of any kind. I love these guys and want the world to know who they are. Favorite track: Lifted Over.
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released May 20, 2016

Recorded by: Michael Bang

Mixed by: Tim Silva
with Nick Rattray & Briget Boyle

mixed by: Michael Bang & Tim Silva

Mastered by: Michael Bang

recording by: Nick Rattray

Artwork by: Tim Silva

Produced by:
Tim Silva

Co-produced by:
Iron Henry
Briget Boyle

Jesse Avshalomov
Siggie Cohen
Laia Amoros and Alex Iglesias
Tyler Null
Micaela Reinstein
Maria Silva
Paul Xavier


“The Friendries”

Andrew Alder, Kia Alexander, Kelly Atkins,
George Austin, Mick Austin & Ruth Tabancay,
Renata Austin, Nina Bayley, Sari Bilick,
Leslie Bonnett, Simone Bradley,
Matthew Bryan, Senta Burke, Ray Capiral,
Mark Carlson, Harlow Carpenter, Talia Cooper,
Becca Danton, Frances Delfino, Lisa Drostova,
Dani Gellis, Rachel Gerstein, Nick Giordano,
Ryland Hale, Christine Herbert, Sofia Klass,
Steve & Carina Kowalevsky, Catherine Kung,
Chad Liffmann, Nico Linesch, Danielle Mainas,
Arleen Ellis & Armando Marcal, Barbara Marcal,
Gerald Marcal, Lawson Marlowe, Katie Moest,
Auntie Pickles, Nancy Purtill, David Rosen,
Sarah Rothberg, Frank Silva, Corinne Sykes,
Chelsie Taylor, Alyssa Thunberg,
Brittany Tingey, Kevin Young,
Idit Zarchi



all rights reserved


Iron Henry Oakland, California

Trio of faithful acoustic heart-springs.
Caitlin, Tom & Timmy :)

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Track Name: Glaciers
Sing about the sound of a Coleman lantern and how thin the metal cup was that you drank from and how cold were the mornings, and the sky was so wide in the high meadows that you left your father in, and how the glaciers left valleys as they moved through the landscape,

How you stayed in bed when the knocked door opened and voices from the living room talked quietly, quietly, you breathed in your pillow and you overheard everything from friends of his that you don’t see as much now, and how the weather changed unexpectedly in spite of the forecast.

And how the light through the venetian blinds came in.
And how the blanket was warmer than you needed.
Track Name: Daughter's Song
The birds are awake now
the air is unhazing
you are sitting there
sweet stargazing
tell me what you know

We're just looking for questions
to hell with the answers
eyes wide open
wings beat faster
one morning more

Your daughter will come home to you one day

I'm watching you running there
running with your pack
I am sitting here
cold and relevant
tell me what you see

You're making excuses
excusing your art
but there's paint on your fingers
blood in your heart
run with me

Your daughter will come home to you one day

Some folks have been asking
for stories of their lives
now she's a homeowner
now she's a wife
please won't you stay

No more making excuses
excusing your art
open your fingers
open your heart
that is what she'll say

Your daughter will come home to you one day
Track Name: Sad Song
Sad song about being sad, a sad song.
Lonely song about being lonely, a lonely song.

Heart, be patient.
Track Name: The Heaviest Arm
A hard place to leave; the curtains let in a little light
Your arm the heaviest arm, your hair the darkest
And the paperback book of your shoulders lying open,
face down, to keep my place
Your arm the heaviest arm, your hair the darkest

The darkest hair and the widest shoulders
Put your arms around me
With the wrestle and rest of the evening all behind us now
It’s quiet, quiet
Your arm the heaviest arm, your hair the darkest

A hard place to leave; the curtains let in a little wind
Your arm the heaviest arm, your hair the darkest
While the steadiest clock of your breath keeps track of the hours
I will let it, let it
Your arm the heaviest arm, your hair the darkest
Track Name: Hayward
As I make my way down A St,
It turns into a redwood grove,
Then it climbs back up to the Heyer-part of the Valley
To the Castle my father last called home.

As I make my way up B St,
It takes me to the Center of the universe.

When will I let it go?
When will I let myself go -

Up D St,
To the place where I learned my A-B-C's
And all of these absolute necessities.

I learned the fear of G-d.
I learned what is and what is not.
When will I learn to let go?

It's the Fair-est view:
Of all the high-ways, connecting this fertile land,
Of all the bi-ways, protected by faithful hands,
Of all my childish dreams,

And all the plans that I let go,
The hands that I let go...
Track Name: Lifted Over
Probably should do something other than just
Lying down here thinking how I probably should do something.

Try to fill my afternoon up,
Can’t remember how to do it.
Then one morning, wake up different;
Can’t pin down the time when I was lifted over that wall.

Looking backwards at the country I’d left, I’m forgetting it already.